State of style aims to bring local designers to the international consumer and international brands to locals who are looking to add pieces to their wardrobes that won’t leave them feeling similar to everyone else. It is a Zagreb based fashion start-up that calls home to popular Croatian designers such as Robert Sever (Limited Edition Collection), Sonja Lamut, ATB by Antun Tin Brišar, Klisab and E.A. 1/1 S.V. By Silvio Vujičić.

State of Style also exclusively stocks Urban Watch Fake, Papirfly, ColorPhobe and up and coming bag designer, Rugsak.

No stranger to an international delivery, the boutique is the only place in Croatia you will be able to purchase Boy London and Blackboy Place. Blackboy’s cult like following extends far out from their Parisian beginnings and has been seen on Beyonce and Jayz. Boy London is a firm favourite among Madonna and Rihanna.

The store’s policy is to dress those unafraid of being themselves and stepping outside the crowd, therefore anyone can be in a state of style because essentially it’s just a “state of mind.”

▸ Yesterday

Just another vision waiting to happen.


State of Style is a leading Croatian boutique for showcasing today’s local and international pioneers in contemporary fashion. Founded in 2017 by Andriana Gazić  and Antun Tin Brišar, the flagship store is located on Ulica Pavla Radića 12, one of the main arteries of Zagreb’s city centre. 

▸ Tomorrow

Long before and since it’s inception, State of Style has continued it’s reign as the talk of the town, we are aiming for the country. The boutique will evolve into an online store within the first year and continue it’s strong ties with Paris and London to continue to bring the best in international streetwear labels, while still scouting for the best labels in the Balkans. 

▸ Always 

State of Style has a unified vision of making local designers more accessible to the rest of the world and will always seek be the first informers of the latest within the fashion industry in Europe’s Balkan region. State of Style will collaborate with local creatives and influencers to build a community that not on nurtures creative talent but also inspires people to step outside their comfort zones, building the reality of the dreams- just like we did.