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Why Are We Both Wearing Pink Today?


  Today being 22nd February represents #PinkShirtDay, a day that recognises and spreads the awareness of anti-bullying worldwide. We've all been there and through it, put down or left to feel inferior because of our gender, nationality, appearance, sexual orientation, socio-economic status- just to name a few. At State of Style we are against bullying or ...

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Our VIP Opening Night, State of Style ☓ Radićeva 12, Zagreb


The State of Style start-up became a reality last Thursday 16th February, 2017 when we finally opened our doors to showcase some of the country's favourite local designers and gave easier access to international brands that we have exclusively introduced to Croatia  ● Vizija State of Style start up-a napokon je ozivjela prosli cetvrtak 16. veljace 2017. ...