Contrary to popular belief, social media influence is not always dictated by high numbers. Iva Kapusta may be well far off that desired 100k+ following on Instagram, however her influence is up there with other Croatian influencers with those larger numbers.

Why is all this relevant? Iva Kapusta is no ordinary teenager, apart from her striking natural beauty and bubbly personality, Iva has a lot of eyes on her.  I first noticed when local teenage girls walked into the store and asked about something Iva had worn on instagram. Meet Black Boy Place’s number one fan, Iva Kapusta…


How would you describe your style?

I don’t know how to describe my style because it is very different for time to time, I like street style but I also like to dress up for certain occasions.

What is your favourite purchase at State of style so far?

My favourite purchases from State of Style are the yeezy shirt and the tshirt with 2 pac (Sold Out).


Which brand is your favourite at State of Style?

My favourite brand from State of style is Black Boy Place

Why do you choose to shop at State of Style?

I choose to shop there because I like the people who work there and I like the fact that you can buy things at the store that can’t be seen on everyone.

Which brands would you like to see at State of Style?

I would like to see more brands like Black Boy Place and I am very excited for the arrival of Black Pyramid.

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