Elijah Groves is one of those ‘cool kids of Zagreb‘ often seen with his skateboard in hand while wearing his Supreme cap, he’s the type of teenager we at State of Style wish we were. Without the standard ‘vic‘ attached to his last name, Elijah was born in the United States and is now home schooled here in Zagreb. In his spare time he likes to skate and is quite an impressive photographer, we look forward to watching his creativity evolve in the years to come.

Anytime the team have another cool brand approach us about being a stockist for their label, we consult Elijah because if it’s cool enough for him, it’s cool enough for us.

Elijah Groves dio je zagrebačke kul ekipe te uvijek viđen sa skatebordom u ruci i Supreme šiltericom. Upravo on je tip teenagera kakvi smo mi iz State of Style-a oduvijek htjeli biti. Budući da nema tipično hrvatsko prezime, lako je prepoznati da je rodom iz Amerike, sa trenutnom adresom u Zagrebu. Slobodno vrijeme provodi na skate-u a uz to je i odličan fotograf. Sa radošću ćemo nastaviti pratiti njegov kreativni razvoj.

How would you describe your style? ☓ Kako bi opisao svoj stil?

I have a very street wear sort of style…With a lot of black 😂 ☓ Većinski je to tip street wear-a… Sa jako puno crne boje.

Favourite purchase so far? ☓ Najdraža kupnja do sada?

My favorite Purchase So far is my Black Boy Place t-shirt because I love the design and it is exactly my type of style. ☓ Najdraža stvar koju sam do sada kupio je Black Boy Place majica jer obožavam print na njoj i točno je po mom ukusu.

Which is your favourite brand at SOS? ☓ Koji ti je najdraži brand u SOS-u?

My favorite Brand at State of Style has to be Black Boy Place because I love all of their pieces and all of the designs are so dope. ☓ Najdraži brand u State of Style-u mi je definitivno Black Boy Place. Svi komadi iz njohove kolekcije su baš dope.

Why do you choose to shop at State of Style Zagreb? ☓ Kako to da kupuješ u State of Style trgovini?

I choose to shop at SOS because I love the staff and I love it every time I go. ☓ Kupujem u SOS-u jer su zaposlenici pre dobri i lijepo se osijećam svaki put kad vas posjetim.


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Which brands would you like to see in State of Style? ☓ Koje brandove bi volio vidjeti na policama State of Style-a? 

I would like to see more street wear brands at SOS such as, Supreme, Palace and other dope street wear brands. ☓ Volio bih vidjeti još više street wear brandova kod vas, poput Supreme, Palace i ostalih popularnih brandova.

Elijah Groves

We hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of Customer of the month and look forward to introducing you to another State of Style shopaholic in July. Have a great week ✌🏼