Every so often an item arrives in store and immediately gets our street talking. The “Freedom Doesn’t Need a Visa” tee by Parisian brand, Blackboy Place arrived at State of Style last week and despite it’s long sleeves, we decided to give it a chance in our window. Many people, mostly American tourists stopped to take a picture of the piece saying that it was an important message for our society and we couldn’t agree more.

Fortunately in Croatia the conflicts have subsided and our society is mostly a peaceful one but this doesn’t mean that we should keep a blind eye on what is happening around in the rest of the world. Croatians often mention how they understand what it’s like to flee their homes and yearn for a better life, so the empathy for those currently displaced and those escaping from war torn countries is certainly there.

Freedom doesn’t need a visa is an important message because as global citizens of the world, who are we to dictate who is allowed to live where? Most of us a fortunate enough to be born in countries that are developed, providing us with even the most basic human rights, but what gives us the right to strip anyone of their desire for a better life for themselves and/or family, particularly those escaping war?

It doesn’t.


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“A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself.”
Barack Obama

Freedom Doesn’t Need a VISA” top by Blackboy Place

Available now at State of Style, Zagreb from 1,300kuna.