In line with our store philosophy by bringing to you only Croatia’s finest designers, exclusively, we are proud to introduce Design By Bura to State of Style. Founded by Željka Crnomarić and Maja Perić here in Zagreb,  the designers focus on delivering the highest quality fabrics and design, rapidly becoming a firm favourite by some of Croatia’s most fashionable women.

Design By Bura hit our radar when they hit Journal and’s (Yes, at SOS we learn from the best) radar where it was announced that they were the designers behind ‘the ultimate summer dress‘ for the woman who didn’t desire to dress like the rest. Bura began to make headlines when local fashion blogger, the stunning Ana Bacinger, was photographed in their “dream dress.” This simple white dress had heads turning and mouths wagging as the beautiful criss cross lacework was revealed on the back, adding a feminine touch that was also sexy and tasteful at the same time.

While Bura has found success in creating in some of the most attention grabbing evening dresses, they’ve started to grab headlines with their latest series of casual everyday style dresses.

In store we currently have pieces from their boho style dresses in two lengths, midi and full length. All dresses are 100% cotton and embroidered from the finest local yarn, keeping the product fully Croatian made and owned. Dresses start from 2,899kn. 

In a society where saying less is more, let your clothes do all the speaking.

Are You A #BuraGirl ?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Rachel Zoe





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  • fashion blogs for 50 year old women
    July 22, 2017

    these dresses are gorgeous!