Cotton cord bracelets  have been around forever and most of us can say that at some point in our lives we’ve had this simple accessory on our wrist. I like my accessories minimal and fuss free. Beside my wrist watch I only ever wear a red Kabbalah bracelet from Israel. It’s supposed to protect me from evil eye and I live in Balkan, so I’ll take all the help that I can get. So now allow me to introduce you to Mojati.

Mojati is a brand that hit our radar from the grapevine and we were immediately exited to strike an agreement and stock them in our store. Founded by Ira Pećarević and Jelka Bogdanić from Zagreb, what started as a hobby courtesy of a local competition has now turned into a fully fledged business.

The Mojati bracelets come in various colours and consist of a licitar heart, which is a traditional Croatian biscuit made from sweet honey dough. Licitar is also a symbol of Zagreb and love. It’s the perfect reminder to wear of your time in Zagreb, or Croatia. Extending the brand further, the girls have also started to create bracelets with Zagreb’s famous tram.

These two styles are available now at State of Style Store.

We asked Ira and Jelka a few questions about Mojati to help you familiarise yourselves with one of our new favourite brands in store. 

What inspired you to start Mojati?

We wanted to start something of our own for a long time but never thought we will succeed doing so with college and all our other responsibilities. After we applied for the competition, Piece of Zagreb, the interest for the bracelets grew immensely so we had no choice but to turn our hobby into a profession.

Who is the Mojati customer?

Mojati the perfect gift for tourists as a little timeless and practical reminder of where they have been and the great time they had. Secondly, we are aiming towards all of the local Zagreb lovers that want to wear a little reminder of how great their hometown is.

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What do you love the most about Zagreb?

Oh, that would be extremely difficult to say- but everything! From the people, traditions, energy, architecture, air, trees, food, every single corner. Its very hard not to love everything.

How do you hope to expand to other cities in Croatia?

Well we would like to offer a little souvenir of this kind throughout the entire country, each of them specific for the town you are currently in. We are currently working on two other towns but that is all we will say so we don’t jinx anything.

Mojati brigthening a cloudy day in San Francisco! ☁️🌁🚋💙

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How do you use social media to create brand awareness?

Firstly, we would like to show that Mojati’s licitar heart and tram are inspired by a story behind them- literally a piece of Zagreb you are taking with you somewhere. Social media is a great tool for that because people have realised quite quickly who we are and not just another piece of jewlery per se.




For more information, feel free to get in touch with us via email