Earlier this year, State of Style asserted itself as “the” Croatian designer concept store by offering an eclectic mix of Croatian fashion designers along with exclusive imports from Boy London and Black Boy Place, establishing itself as the temple of cool very quickly. Previously located on Zagreb’s Radićeva Ulica, one of the city’s main arteries, State of Style has now expanded to a larger space at Vlaška 78, a trendy and cosmopolitan part of Zagreb city. It will continue to assert itself as “the” Croatian designer concept store under the guidance of new owner, Adriana Kuprešak who has over 11 years fashion and media experience between Australia and the United Kingdom.

The new store design at Vlaška 78 was curated by Creative Director, Antun Tin Brišar in collaboration with Denis Svirać. The main wall was created by local Fashion Design student, Nikolina Vidovic. State of Style has prided itself on being the store where the unusual find their place, something that is evident throughout the new design, where an antique mirror compliments a graffiti wall filled with leaves and drip detail. Once again providing a store design like no other in Zagreb, and the rest of the country.

Adding to the store’s roster of designer brands, State of Style reintroduces Bomber Clothing to it’s new location, Croatia’s most sought after streetwear label and the store’s best seller. Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué’s eyewear label, Kypers is now also available exclusively in store. New wrist candy, Mojati have quickly established themselves as the new local favourite and Duchess, the dresses that have become the talk of the country that have been seen on the likes of Maja Suput can also be found at Vlaška 78.

Croatia’s favourite local watch brand, Urban Watch will continue to be sold exclusively at State of Style only along with handmade accessories by Kragrlica, that function both as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

State of Style will continue to have unique collaborations with local designers such as Robert Sever and Klisab who have previously designed one-off and Limited Edition collections for the store and will constantly be on the hunt for the next best designer in Croatia.

Adriana Kupresak’s non-elitist approach to the fashion industry in Croatia will give an opportunity for those who believe they don’t necessarily have a chance to shine, every opportunity to make a name for themselves in the country and outside.

The store’s own website will operate as a blog and online store, adding another layer to the store’s strength and continue to gain traction in the UK, Australian and US markets Adriana will also focus on introducing the region’s upcoming creatives, influencers and established names to the world wide web, providing a whole new platform.


CEO & Editor-in-Chief: Adriana Kupresak

Creative Director: Antun Tin Brisar

Address: Vlaška 78, zagreb 10000

Email: info@stateofstylestore.com

Website: www.stateofstylestore.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stateofstylestore

Instagram: http://instagram.com/stateofstyle_store/