State of Style is always on the hunt for the next best label but we’re also keeping close tabs on bloggers, influencers and local Croatian hotties & beauties with our daily series #SOSBAE.

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#SOSBAE 1. Dora Predojevic 

Blue Tuesday 🐟

A post shared by Dora Predojevic (@dorica505) on

#SOSBAE 2. Matea Ćurić

🐘❤ #true #happiness

A post shared by Matea Ćurić (@matea_curic) on

#SOSBAE 3. Aisha Music

🔹▫️🔹 #mondayvibes

A post shared by Aisha Music (@aish_aa_) on

#SOSBAE 4. Anja Dujakovic

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#SOSBAE 5. Iva Kapusta

Another one

A post shared by Iva Kapusta (@ivakapusta) on

#SOSBAE 6. Nejra Lilić

A post shared by Nejra Lilić (@nejraalilic) on

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