If were were allowed to film the reactions by our elderly citizens each time we placed a Guilty or Innocent shredded tee in the store window, we are certain it would be an entertaining reaction video. For those brave enough to ask for the price, a whole new reaction follows. “People pay that much for this? But it’s got holes, kids these days!

I must admit when Andriana brought in these t-shirts, I questioned her mental sanity (inside my own head, of course) but as State of Style is a fairly new store in Croatia, we are continuously learning about our customer and most importantly, what they are willing to spend and on what. The least we could do is try as we always say in team meetings.

Once upon a time Balmain sold a shredded tee in olive for US$1,625, outraging many and yet it sold out. Today, State of Style stocks Guilty or Innocent and don’t be surprised when I tell you, these shredded tops are our best seller in store. We’ve had the Rich kids of Zagreb stock up, a footballer, Croatian firecracker, Maja Suput and also a super fit man in his 60s purchase the tank and promise to wear it with pride back home in Colombia!

Guilty or Innocent is a Croatian Designer and the collection is all Made in Italy. Tees are 100% cotton which makes it the perfect top to wear this summer in Europe. As always, pieces are unisex.  Whether you’re looking for the ultimate festival tank, or something different to style under your blazer, Guilty or Innocent has you covered here at State of Style.

Tanks cost 510kuna, Tees cost 590kuna and mini dresses 750kuna

And are now available at State of Style.