Fast cars, hot women and top restaurants- enter the world of Delboy Trotter, Josip Novosel, Founder of, a portal dedicated to bringing you the latest in travel, lifestyle and the occasional political update. A world where money speaks and persistence pays off. Whatever your opinion on him, one thing remains certain, you will notice Josip Novosel and his witty ways of story telling.

We sent over some questions to find out a little bit more about the man behind

Define in 3 words

You will bring me cash if you read Flash.

If it’s funny, it brings me money. Fuck, still not three words. – Hilarious – Lifestyle – Portal

Why did you choose to start a portal in Croatia?

I was watching the Discovery Channel and when I saw all those people traveling all around the world, eating amazing food, enjoying their life and they where paid to live like this, I said to myself: What do I need to do to live like this? The answer was simple. Open a news/lifestyle portal and start wiriting about restaurants, traveling etc. but totally different to everybody else.

I wanted to focus on spreading only positive vibes on my portal and write in Top Gear style, so people could laugh when they read my articles. I also couldn’t read anymore fake news in the mainstream media and on television. I wanted to write about things that no one wanted to write about or they didn’t have enough knowledge to write about it.

I was Chief of PR for new Zivi Zid, a Parliamentary Party that was fighting against corruption in the country. The mainstream media didn’t want to publish anything about them, so I started writing about their program and after one year I get them into the Croatian Parliament. I could say that I started with because of hedonism and social activism. My idol ws Delboy Trotter from Only fools and Horses. As him, I couldn’t see myself working from 9 to 5. This is the reason I am writing and travelling, I love my job.


What’s the difference between portal and blog?

When you have blog you write about yourself and your experience, its something like your online diary. On a portal you can also write like this through your columns and articles but you are also publishing other PR articles, news etc, you have other people that are writing on your site about different topics. Portal is not just about you like blog. Croatian is portal with blog elements because 90% of articles are written by me (maybe because I don’t have the money to pay others to write or because I’m stingy). English is 100% blog.

Who is your target audience at

I am trying to target people that like to read and want to read something funny and positive. I’m targeting people that like to travel, spend money on gadgets, new clothes go to restaurants etc. I’m also targeting people who want to change something in this world, people that will not just put their heads down and obey every order.

 I’m writing about lifestyle but also about politics and the economy. Sometimes I’m wiriting about things that everyone can afford and sometimes I’m writing about things that only the wealthy can afford. I am always careful to satisfy my clients because they are paying me to promote their products/services.

For example: One reporter asked me how many followers does someone need to have to be popular and I said, “One hundred thousand followers is a lot in Croatia but not in America. However, if you get a brand collaboration with 10,000 followers it still puts you in a powerful position because 10,000 niche followers have the potential to hold more value than 100,000 random ones. You can also make money with a few thousand followers, it all depends on how well you sell.”

How much time and effort is involved to start a portal?

Since I had the idea of starting a portal, I think I spent almost 3 years procrastinating before actually getting the ball rolling at Maybe I was scared or maybe I was lazy, I don’t know. It sounded like Sci Fiction to me.When I  finally found an IT man to help me with realisation of my ideas, everything was done in one month. My biggest problem was how to make enough content so that the portal wouldn’t look empty. It was more blog than portal in the begining because all the articles were written by me. I was writing every day for few articles about every topic, just to have enough content so my portal could look professional.

Do you work alone or have a team?

90% of the time I am working alone but I do have a team. My sister translates my articles to english, sometimes she contributes to the portal too. She is my sister, so I’m using her like a slave:) I have IT man who helps me with wordpress and I also have few columnists. is like open online playground for all people who have something interesting to say. I could say that I have team of really interesting freelancers. When I’m doing restaurant reviews I always invite someone to go with me so they could look me eating and I can write interesting story. Just kidding, I always give them my leftovers.

How do you get in touch with companies, brands and PRs to let them know FLASH.HR exists?

Most of the time I contact them directly.  I know some of them already because we worked on lots of projects together before I opened my portal.  I also make good contacts at events, or my business partners recommend me to someone. For those that never heard for me I have special email, if you don’t sign contract with me in next seven days, you will die.

Do you pitch or does the pitch come to you?

90% of the time I pitch and this is normal because is only 2 years old but I think that in next year or two people will more call me than I call them. Now I’m boring like Jehovah’s Witnesses. The more calls I make, more money I earn.

“In business there is no NO for an answer. NO is just a delayed YES, you must be persistent”

 How do you use social media to generate traffic onto your portal?

I promote my articles and pictures on facebook and instagram. Its really hard work because you need to spend lots of time to be popular on social networks. It’s hard to get views if you don’t pay for ads. I’m always searching for popular facebook and instagram pages that have similiar content as me and than I’m trying to make deal with them to publish my articles so I could get more views and likes. Sometimes I search people that are following them. Sometimes I behave like a Herbalife fanatic and just spam other people’s inboxes with my articles and pictures.


What are 3 character traits someone must have personally to run a successful portal in Croatia?

He needs to be crazy, he needs to be persistent and passive or have rich parents.

Who is your competition? Do you keep an eye on your competition?

Cashier, Zeljka from my local store Diona. I mention her in almost every column and now I’m afraid that she will become more popular than me. People are talking about her all the time. She’s keeping an eye on me everytime when I enter in her store and not just because I’m so pretty but because I’m stealing her toilet paper and Nutella. hahaha

It’s hard for me to say who is my competition because is portal but its also a blog in the same time. I’m writting in specific sarcastic style that no one else uses so I don’t think that I have competition in Croatia and world is too large, there is enough space for everyone. I watch what other people are doing. I like to see good pictures of food, watches and exotic destinations. Those people can inspire me to improve my knowledge of photography, to travel and try something new but I don’t see them as competitors. I don’t fight against them. I’m just developing my unique style and I’m trying to be better today than I was yesterday. I could say that I’m always competing with myself.

“I’m just developing my unique style and I’m trying to be better today than I was yesterday. I could say that I’m always competing with myself.”


What advice do you have for anyone willing to contribute to How does someone impress you?

With money. If they pay me, they can write for me. haha. Just kidding. They need to have some positive energy, they need to be original, funny, interesting. Basically, they need to provide me with content that I would like to read. If they have sense for humor and something positive and interesting to say, they can write for

What’s the most popular topic in Croatian media, one that gains the most traffic?

Most popular topics are about politics and half naked singers. I don’t write about nudity yet, but I write about politics. People are mad on politicans and they can’t wait to react on an article against them but when elecitons days comes, they stay at home or vote for the same person they were mad on earlier.

 What do you hope becomes in the next 3 years?

I hope that will be no.1 independant lifestyle portal and that I will become one of the most popular global lifestyle bloggers but who knows what will happen in three years? Maybe Facbeook and instagram will not be popular anymore and I will need to find another way to get likes and followers. Now it’s easy. I can publish some naked pictures and I’m popular.




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